Digital Mixed Techniques, 2015-2019

Love is the compass of life...

Compass of Love 

Breaking Silence 

The Eye Of Love - II 

Cor Mari 

Spoken Soul 

The Kiss 


How deep is your love? 

I Just Called to Say I Love U 

Hearts & Minds 

Hearts & Eyes 

Hearts & Minds 

Sunflowers in the dark 

Heart of Thorns 

to B or not to B 

Hearts & Eyes 

Op Heart 

Hearts & Eyes 

The Eye Of Love - I 

Love Left 

Inner Flame 

Toroidal Love 

Heal The World 

De la llum i la foscor 

All We Need Is Love 

Para que nada nos separe... 

So Far Away 

Black Heart & White Soul 

Amar puede matar 


You light up my life... 

A place for everything... 

Fresh Juice 

Lemon Heart 

As Simple As Love 

Open Heart 

Extruded Heart 

Life Beating Colors